Paella workshop in Valencia

“Escuela de arroces y paella Valencia” organises Paella cooking classes. We joint them during our short visit to this exiting city. When we arrived at the restaurant in C. Juristas, coffee was served. Before the cooking could start we first visited the market ( Mercado central) for the ingredients needed. We were in a small international group; Italians, Brazilians and Japanese. We bought the 3 different types of special beans needed for paella.
We walked criss-cross the market and also bought chicken and rabbit meat, tomatoes, rosemary, safran and smoked paprika powder. All ingredients for the paella Valencia.

After returning to the restaurant we got a apron and a togue we started cooking. We cooked Valencian paella with chicken and rabbit. According to the staff the only way to make a good paella!
For the vegetarians a vegetarian paella, which was finished much quicker, was made by the staff.

If you want the recipes, please feel free send us an email.

Offcourse we also eat the paella after starters of mussels, salted tuna and sweet peppers. The funny thing was that the three couples produced a different paella, with the same instructions! Only because a different use if the amount of salt or smoked paprika powder.

The owner served us a nice wine to pair with paella.

Finishing with a crema Valencia, a strong “licor locale” and a “cafe con Leche”. It was a great workshop! Although to price is a bit to high if you look at the ingredients used and the type of dish you will make. But very friendly staff and in the end we received a “real Paella diploma”!